The Team

The Team


Nicloas Netien – CEO

Nicolas is an environmental engineer specialising in soil biology and regenerative agriculture, his passion is to design productive Agro-Ecosystems in difficult climates.

He has been working with permaculture design frameworks for over 15 years.

Nicknamed “the Olive Wizard” he has designed and established an olive farm (currently 8000 trees) which holds the world record for healthiest olive oil.

A passionate teacher and lecturer, Nicolas’ mission is to help speeding up the worlds transition towards sustainable and circular production systems..


Nicolas acts as Chief Executive Officer of Terralithia.


Roberto Sciffo BSc ME – COO

With a varied background from engineering, alternative medicine, and biological medicine, Roberto has, since the 2013 financial crisis in Cyprus, been learning about environmental systems and integrated economies / systems thinking (e.g. Prof. Gunter Pauli, Prof. Fritjof Capra). Roberto presents talks on creating integrated holistic solutions that serve both the society as well as the environment.

As an avid sailor, and freediver, Roberto has seen firsthand human impact on the environment and focuses on environmentally compatible solutions.

He acts as the Chief Operations Officer of Terralithia


Patrick Makedonas – CTO

Patrick received his law degree from the University of Hull, he found his passion was greater for the environment and for independent living. He became an avid supporter of Bitcoin in the early days when it was unheard of, and more recently has delved into the world of blockchain becoming an expert in ICO’s and whitepapers, while also taking the stage and interviewing experts.

Patrick has also founded the Tris Elies (3 Olives) Ecovillage up in the mountains of Cyprus. Having started alone, the community has now grown to the point that there are no more houses available to host the influx of residents.

Patrick acts as the Chief Technical Officer of Terralithia