The Challenge

What are you buying?

Olive oil has been termed ‘Green Gold’ due to its known health benefits and different uses.

However, are all olive oils created equal? No!

After of years of selling olive oil into the market, it has become apparent that there is a great deal of non authentic and sub-standard olive oils on the market, to the point that in many cases, what is on the label is not actually what is in the bottle.

The conscious consumer of olive oil is unaware that most of the olive oil sold on the shelf, even from well known brands, may not contain what is on the label; extra virgin olive oil. Some contents may contain different olive oils from different locations (e.g. countries), or dates (e.g. last year’s batch) or even oil (e.g. a mixture of 20% olive, 80% canola).

For those who are actually producing ‘the real stuff’, their products are placed on the shelf next to other bottles; both labelled ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’.

Our Mission is to provide the consumer with fully independent and trustable quality assurance while honouring the hard work of the authentic producer of high quality olive oil and reward him for the services he provides for the environment and its community.