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Terralithia goes to Amsterdam!

Nov 20 2019

Team Terralithia, having achieved 2nd place in the ClimateLaunchpad Cyprus National Competition, was eligible to represent Cyprus on an international stage. We had some great training from the Cyprus chapter of ClimateLaunchpad a day before the start. Our hopes were high for all 3 teams that came from Cyprus. Previous Next 1600 ideas went into

Terralithia Comes 2nd!

Oct 17 2019

Climate Launchpad 2019 Terralithia’s COO, Roberto, brings in Terralithia into the ClimateLaunchpad program mid season so as to test and validate the start-up idea.  After catching up and hard work from all the team, Terralithia comes in 2nd Place in a very tough competition as all the ideas were very good and had good climate

Fake Olive Oil – Seized!

Oct 02 2019

Europol seized 150 000 liters of modified low-quality sunflower oil with chlorophyll, beta-carotene and soya was then passed off as extra virgin olive oil… Terralithia guarantees that the olive oil you are buying is pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, free of chemicals and pesticides. You can trace the oil from the field to your kitchen!

Largest Perennial Crop

Sep 26 2019

Olive Trees are the largest perennial crop on the planet covering 11.6 million hectares! With the right Regenerative Agriculture practices, we have the potential of taking 1.2 Billion tons of Carbon from the atmosphere, and put it where it belongs; in the Soil! Terralithia provides farmers with the expertise on how to achieve this and

A Client – The Harvest Is On!

Aug 26 2019

Our client, Atsas Organic Products in Cyprus, is starting their harvest; they are producing an exceptionally high phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil using our Regenerative Agriculture methods of production.

Regenerative Agriculture WORKS!

Aug 11 2019

Previous Next The photo above was taken on AUGUST 10th, in Cyprus, with an ambient temperature of 39°C While the rest of the island is dry and cracking, the agro-ecology methods implements using our agro-ecology methods shows how still green and wet the ground still is. This is an example of Biological Virtuous Cycles; morning