An example of Integrated Biological Pest Control used by the team of Terralithia

Nov 25 2019
The Dittrichia viscosa is a common plant in the Mediterranean known for his role in the cycle of the beneficial auxiliary insects that control the olive fly one of the major pests of olive groves.
The Myopites stylata lays eggs in Inula flowers and the development of the larva of M. stylata leads to the formation of a gall. The larvae of M. stylata can in turn be parasitized by insect parasitoids, particularly of the gender Eupelmus. The Eupelmus then turn to parasite the olive fly.
With the adequate amount of plants and a healthy Agro-Ecosytem we can naturally control Olive fly population and remove the need for pesticides !
This plant grows without need for care or irrigation and can also provide the farmer with additional income, the essential oil obtained from it is a powerful anti-fungal and anti inflammatory.
Reproducing the plant is very easy, we collect the seeds after the flowering and shallow plant them in the Olive grove!

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