Regenerative Agriculture WORKS!

Aug 11 2019

The photo above was taken on AUGUST 10th, in Cyprus, with an ambient temperature of 39°C

While the rest of the island is dry and cracking, the agro-ecology methods implements using our agro-ecology methods shows how still green and wet the ground still is.

This is an example of Biological Virtuous Cycles; morning due.

Agro-ecology is Working with Nature!

This olive grove has not seen irrigation for 50 days now; the ground cover however is still green, the grass can collect morning due, helping to keep it green as a result of a virtuous cycle.

The soil is now a living sponge, keeping atmospheric carbon and water where it belongs!

The trees are covered in olives, the grove buzzing with a wide diversity of insects, the donkeys and the hares still have fresh grass to graze on, and generally this agro-ecosystem is thriving!

Climate Catastrophe can easily be addressed with Regenerative Agriculture. The solution lies beneath our feet.

Terralithia is implementing this holistic soil management framework with deficit irrigation and integrated pest management for Atsas Organic Products in Cyprus.

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